Erlaubnis zur Verwendung von Bildern Todd LockwoodsBearbeiten

Historicus war so freundlich Todd Lockwood im Namen der Faerûnpedia zu fragen, ob wir seine Bilder verwenden dürfen. Dies ist eine Kopie der Einverständniserklärung des Künstlers.

Hi, Markus! Thanks for writing.

And thank you very much for asking. The web has opened up new avenues for copyright abuse, and artists have to be vigilant to protect what is theirs. I have had to close down more than one site that was using my artwork-- and the artwork of many friends of mine in the industry-- inappropriately.

You may display anything that you find on my site, so long as you are sure to credit me, and include appropriate copyright info on or near the art. The correct copyright info is included with the piece on my web site. Also, please note prominently that the art is "used by permission of Todd Lockwood" or, "Used by Permission of Wizards of the Coast", or whoever is the correct owner of that copyright. You may not crop, trim, flop, lay text over, or in any other way alter the artwork from what you see on my own page. Don't cut my artwork up for banners, character portraits, sidebars, tubes, "avatars", or any other graphic usage. You may not put the artwork in print--"hardcopy." In short, the only kind of usage I allow is an online gallery-type presentation. If you use detail shots from my website, refer to the entire image in your text linkage and note that it is a detail. For example: Detail from "Angel" (link to full image) ©Todd Lockwood, used by permission.

My artwork may not be sold, given away, added to or used in any sort of e-stationary, cards, or other such works, regardless of whether they are to be given away or sold. If your site intends to sell or otherwise market images owned by Todd Lockwood or Wizards of the Coast or others, or in any other way generate profit from their use, directly or indirectly, permission is denied. I hope you will understand the necessity of this position. It would be wise of you to make the same notation on your own site in a prominent location, as this is the most common sort of misuse of copyright.

Finally, please provide a link back to my site. Ideally, the link would be directly associated with the usage of the artwork.

Upon opening your link, the first thing I saw was the detail of Jarlaxle from the cover of The Witch King, used without any accreditation at all. That is absolutely unacceptable. Please include my name and website and correct copyright info in every usage.

Keep this letter as proof of permission. If I see your site later on, and contact you about it, this is your proof that I okayed it. Otherwise, I will likely ask you to remove all artwork.

Thanks again!

Todd Lockwood

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